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The programme is designed to mentor and train and develop young ladies and men of ages 9 -19 to become well-adjusted leaders in society, reaching their full potential, impacting their environment and those they come in contact with, positively.

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The curriculum consists of:

  • Men of Honour TM guide books and work books

  • Ladies of Honour TM guide books and work books

  • Dr Edwin Louis Cole’s Majoring in Men TM curriculum 
    comprising of 9 books in total.

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Annual camp whereby Men of Honour and Ladies of Honour, from the various schools and working groups, including other provinces, get to meet one another, and work through well scheduled programmes and fun team activities

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Weekly School Meetings

Our facilitators guide and mentor the youth, through the various topics, in the set curriculum to produce young men and young ladies with values such as Honesty and Integrity